About Macronomics

The purpose of Macronomics is to provide information and research that provides value from a global macro perspective. This is not a blog site. Instead, the priority is to collect relevant data series and keep these updated, in a timely fashion, along with related charts. Most of this data is already publicly available via various data service API's. The challenge lies in fetching it and utilising it systematically. This site is still a bare-bones version of what is planned. With time, existing studies and new ones will be explained in more detail in posts accessible from the startpage.

Macronomics is powered by Python, mostly. There's also some R under the hood. You're welcome to send requests, if you have any in the form below. Check out the most recent site improvements post to see what is planned in the near future. As much as possible on Macronomics has been automated, but it does not always work perfectly. Keeping studies as up-to-date as possible is one of the main challenges due to, for example, irregular changes in data accessibility or varying degrees of reliability. If a study suddenly becomes unavailable it is under maintenance, probably for this reason.

If a study does not update when you expect it too it might also be caused by browser caching of static files. Especially Google Chrome is fond of doing this for the purpose of improved speed. The Incognito function is useful in this case. Unfortunately, this website is not viewed correctly in older Internet Explorer browsers. If you're using a version older than 11 you should consider updating or switching.

Mobile devices stand for an increasing share of web traffic. This site will be the most useful on normal screens even though it should respond well to most screen sizes as long as the browser is updated and supports javascript.


If you have any questions regarding this site or its contents, send me a message in the form below.